Agile Sustainability

This workshop is chaired by Juan Garbajosa. The schedule of the workshop is below. 

Agile Sustainability: What if the world is our customer?

In agile development we often talk about that our highest priority is to satisfy the customer or that we welcome change for the customer's competitive advantage. However, we always assume the customer is a business customer. In this session I want to attempt to broaden our horizon to have a more holistic perspective on who our customer is (or could be) and how this can change our actions. I will share both ideas about possibilities and examples from companies who make already attempts in implementing this holistic perspective. So, open your mind and explore with me how the agile community can expand their responsibility.

How Collective Intelligence Can Gear Agility with Sustainability
Some emergent research works have identified that Agile methodologies and sustainability goals are, somehow, aligned. This alignment can be advantageously used to implement new transformation approaches with the objective of implementing a more effective adoption of both agile and sustainably goals in organizations. Studies claim that agile and sustainability can be geared by team collaboration and learning. Collective Intelligence has proven to be a very powerful tool, to generate solutions to complex problems, because it is able to combine the diversity of knowledge and skills of different actors into better solutions or processes, which can be extended to wider contexts. In addition, individuals participating in any collaborative process, benefit at the level of skills and new knowledge. In this article, the application of the concepts of collective intelligence to support a transformation process in which the combined adoption of the Agile and Sustainability goals is achieved.

Increasing Awareness of Sustainability in the Agile Community: A Focus Group Protocol

This paper elaborates on a focus group protocol for increasing the awareness of sustainability in the Agile community. The main intervention is the usage of flashcards that allow both being informational and propositional. With the flashcards’ focus on active recall, the participants of the focus groups will increase their knowledge on sustainability and, at the same time, explore options inspired by questions. Making the flash cards available will help both communities and companies to map their level of awareness of Agile and sustainability




Welcome to AS2021Coral Calero, Juan Garbajosa, Jennifer Pérez, Agustín Yagüe



Keynote: "Agile Sustainability: What if the world is our customer?" Jutta Eckstein



Presentation: "How Collective Intelligence Can Gear Agility with Sustainability"Juan Ochoa-Zambrano



Presentation: "Increasing Awareness of Sustainability in the Agile Community: A Focus Group Protocol"- Claudia Melo/Jutta Eckstein



 Agile Sustainability Next Steps/Roadmap - Session 1- Agustín Yagüe




 Agile Sustainability Next Steps/Roadmap - Session 2Agustín Yagüe



 Agile Sustainability Next Steps/Roadmap - Wrap up and Future WorkAgustín Yagüe


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