Jutta Eckstein
Full Name
Jutta Eckstein
Job Title
Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author
Speaker Bio
Jutta works as an independent coach, consultant, trainer, author, and speaker (https://www.jeckstein.com/). She has helped many teams and organizations worldwide to make an agile transition. She has unique experience in applying agile processes within medium-sized to large distributed mission-critical environments.

In 2001, Jutta was one of the first worldwide who scaled agile. She has published her experience in many books:

- Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy (with John Buck), see https://www.agilebossanova.com/
- Diving for Hidden Treasures: Uncovering the Cost of Delay in your Project Portfolio’ (with Johanna Rothman)
- Agile Software Development in the Large
- Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams
- Retrospectives for Organizational Change

She is a member of the Agile Alliance (having served the board of directors from 2003-2007) and a member of the program committee of many different American, Asian, and European conferences, where she has also presented her work.

Jutta holds an M.A. in Business Coaching & Change Management, a Dipl.Eng. in Product-Engineering, and a B.A. in Education.