The Impact of Agile Transformations on Organizational Performance: A Survey of Teams, Programs and Portfolios

While many organizations embark on agile transformations, they lack insight into the actual impact of these transformations across organisational layers. In this paper, we collect new and study existing evidence on the impact of agile transformations on organisational performance across teams, programs, and portfolios. We conducted an international survey collecting the perceptions of agile coaches, transformation leads and other relevant roles, correlating levels of agile maturity to the perceptions on dimensions of organizational performance. Based on 134responses from 29 countries across 16 industries (1) we consolidated understanding of benefits of agile transformations based on prior evidence and our data from a more diverse and larger sample, (2) we identified the dimensions impacted by agile transformations being: productivity, responsiveness, quality, workflow health, and employee satisfaction, (3)we traced specific benefits on those dimensions to individual organizational layers of teams, programs and portfolios, showing the magnitude of impact of each dimension per layer. Overall, we can conclude that agile transformations have a variety of strong organisational benefits. This aggregated base of evidence allows reflection on transformation trends, but also enables organisations to optimise their agile transformation efforts.

Christoph Johann Stettina
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