An Agile and Open High School Learning Community

On which side of the command line should kids stand? What would happen if we trust high school students with technology? How can we create student learning experiences that promote agency, communication, collaboration, and creativity? How do we upgrade public schools so they can empower students to make change in their school, and their world? Agile principles, and the open source model, provides inspiration and answers to these questions.

Penn Manor High School, in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, supports a unique open source and free software learning community. Penn Manor’s one-to-one Linux laptop learning program, and student apprenticeship program, has received national awards and recognition. This inspirational session will outline the district's technology programs and share incredible success stories of students who have impacted their school, peers, and community.

Coding, collaboration, and creativity; this is tech support of the students, by the students, for the students. Join us for more than a discussion of authentic skill development for future STEM careers—we’re transforming high school technology culture.

Charlie Reisinger
Session Format