The Evolving Role of Manager in Agile Environment

As organizations adopt Agile, they are faced with few challenges. One of the issues that they face early on, is re-defining some of the traditional roles, like that of a people manager. We have lived through an agile adoption journey and have taken active roles in shaping the roles and responsibilities of people managers in our organization. In this presentation, we will share from our experience how the role of the People Manager needs to evolve as teams move towards Agile.

The ideas we will present will equally benefit new as well as seasoned Agilists. In this presentation, we will cover a multitude of topics such as servant-leadership, collaboration with other agile roles, best practices, etc that are super relevant to people managers. Not only have we led/witnessed the Agile transformation at our organization, but also we have transformed ourselves as people leaders and transformed our leadership styles. We have made mistakes and learnt from those mistakes, which will also be a part of this presentation.

To summarize, the audience will experience an immersive discussion that will equip them with best practices and DO’s/DON’T’s of building and leading high-performing Agile teams. They will be able to apply the concepts learnt immediately in their day to day work and should be able to see the differential results for themselves. We look forward to participating in XP2021 and helping the audience with their own Agile journey.

Bharat Nagpal Amitav Parida
Session Format