Leslie Brooks
Full Name
Leslie Brooks
Job Title
Fortune 100 Aerospace firm
Speaker Bio
Leslie Brooks has decades of experience in QA, software development processes, and test automation, and more than six years of experience with BDD. He is very passionate about QA and constantly looking for better ways to improve Development and QA, and loves to teach those better ways.

In his constant drive to test better, faster, and cheaper, Leslie was an early adopter of Specification by Example/BDD, and has used it to transform three different organizations.

He was trained directly by the world-renowned experts from Cucumber Ltd., and has in turn trained more than 300 Business Analysts, Developers, and Testers in the correct use of BDD/SBE, including using it to deliver automated tests while the developers are still writing the code.

Leslie currently works for a Fortune 100 aerospace firm where he is applying SBE to data science applications. He has a Bachelor's in Math/Computer Science, an MBA and holds a couple of patents for in-circuit hardware testing.

When he isn't teaching SBE, Leslie likes to listen to music and stay in shape for the Peachtree Road Race - the world's largest 10K!