Open Space Marketplace

Come join your fellow XP 2021 participants in Topia and Miro for the social events and hanging out between sessions. We have created a landscape for you to explore and experience together. This will enable you to have those small group discussions that you’ll have with friends old and new, and should work well for hosting open space session discussions too. We’ve also added some ‘why not’ type activities that combine Topia and Miro to help bring the community a bit closer together during the event.

Topia is a spatially-sensitive conversation space (you are able to drift in and out of conversations as you move closer to (further away from) people), where we have created these and other experiences for you:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Pet Gallery
  • Conference Buddy
  • Find a Mentor/Be a Mentee
  • Open Space
  • Dinner with New Friend

This will be facilitated Bruce Scharlau and Bedour Alshaigy on Topia