Create your own Manifesto

We will uncovering better ways of using the agile manifesto as an inspiration. Agile got a big boost when the agile manifesto was created. Many people have read the first page, some even both pages. Other have helped translating it. Yves is studying it at regular intervals to look for inspiration. Yet it’s a historical document. Created in 2002 by 17 white males. These days when Yves start with a new team, he likes to give them +70 statements, (and a few empty cards) and let’s them create their own list of:
That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.
In this workshop, we let multiple groups create their own team manifesto and explain it to each
Not as general one, yet one that they as a team think would help them.

The workshop was originally created in person, yet has been adapted for remote workshops.

Goal of the session:

  • Participants will learn how to unite a team around team values.
  • It’s an agile game, yet when done with a real team, it’s a game that creates something, not a
  • game that teaches something. (Yet at conferences it can be used to teach people, how to play the
  • game with a team to create their own manifesto.)
  • This workshop helps people discover what their team and its members value.

Intended audience
This works with people who have read the agile manifesto and those who did not read the

Expected experience:
no experience

The workshop is described in the book:

Yves Hanoulle
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