Comparing participants’ brainwaves during Solo, Pair, and Mob Programming

Participants’ feelings and impressions utilizing electroencephalography (EEG) and the effectiveness of code are compared for different types of pro-gramming sessions. EEG information is obtained as an alternate viewpoint during three programming sessions (solo, pair, and mob programming). MindWave Mobile 2 (brainwave detector) is equipped to collect the atten-tion levels, meditation levels, and EEG brainwaves. These data are utilized to distinguish efficiencies, weaknesses, and points of interest by program-ming session. The results provide preliminary information to distinguish between the three sessions, but further studies are necessary to make firm conclusions. Additionally, alternative methods or systems are required to analyze the collected data.

Authors of report: Makoto Shiraishi, Hironori Washizaki, Daisuke Saito and Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Makoto Shiraishi
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