Towards a standardized questionnaire for measuring agility at team level

Context: 20 years after the publication of the agile manifesto, agility is still becoming more and more popular in different contexts. Agile values are changing the way people work together and influence the mindset of the people as well as the culture of organizations. Many organizations have understood that continuous improvement is based on measurement. Objective: The objective of this paper is to present how agility can be measured at the team level. For this reason, we will introduce our questionnaire for measuring agility, which is based on the agile values of the manifesto. Method: We developed a questionnaire comprising 39 items that measure the current state of a team's agility in six dimensions (communicative, change-affine, iterative, self-organized, product-driven and improvement-oriented). This questionnaire has been evaluated in several expert reviews and in a case study. Results: The questionnaire provides a method for measuring the current state of agility, which takes the individual context of the team into account. Furthermore, our research shows, that this tool enables the user to uncover dysfunctionalities in a team. Conclusion: Practitioners and organizations can use our questionnaire to optimize collaboration within their teams in terms of agility. In particular, the value delivery of an organization can be increased by optimizing collaboration at the team level. The development of this questionnaire is a continuous learning process with the aim of developing a standardized questionnaire for measuring agility.

Authors of report: Hanna Looks, Jannik Fangmann, Jörg Thomaschewski, María José Escalona and Eva-Maria Schön

Hanna Looks
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