Continuous Agile Chartering—a DAILY Agile Practice

Continuous Agile Chartering is a "new" Agile Practice for super-charging your enterprise's Agile journey. Continuous Agile Chartering promotes self-organisation. It will connect stakeholders with developers, and it will help you optimise your planning. In this hand-on workshop, I will introduce you to this "new" Agile Practice. I'll invite you to try it out.

This workshop is for facilitators, team coaches and product owners. It's for curious enterprise leaders and development managers. I also invite the technical developers. I welcome your feedback. Let's make sure this works for you.

Charting and Continuous Agile Chartering are practices made for co-located teams working in the same room. I've found they move easily online. Continuous Agile Chartering offers natural templates for distributed teams and stakeholders working over Zoom (and other communications tools).

What is an Agile Charter
An Agile Charter builds a shared understanding between agile team members and stakeholders. A good Agile Charter builds a shared understanding in three important area. They are:

  • The team's purpose in relation to the product.
  • Their alignment together as a team.
  • The greater context in which they operate.

What is Continuous Agile Chartering
You might think that Agile Chartering is a one time activity. Or at best, a big event that you do once in a blue moon. We may even struggle between events to keep the charter updated. But wait. If chartering is good, what happens when you do more chartering?

In the spirit of eXtreme Programming, let's take this good practice and make sure it's agile by taking it to extremes. Let's make good chartering practices continuous. We've already done that with integratation and deployment after all.

Not only will Agile Chartering enhance your quarterly release planning—not to mention your big room SAFe PI planning. Agile Chartering is also a way to upgrade every sprint planning meeting.

You'll be surprised. Continuous Agile Chartering is even made for your daily standups.

It's hard to believe that one scalable practice can give you better outcomes at every planning horizon. But, Continuous Agile Chartering does exactly that. Let's explore this practice.

Steve Holyer
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