Coaching Exploratory Testing

Coaching agile teams comes with many challenges - often centered around delivery. Agile doesn't have room for manual testing - or at least you're going to hear that from some agile team members! There's a widespread misconception that manual testing is waste. As a result, tester team members often feel increased scrutiny during an agile transformation, where testing occurs at the intersection of speed and quality.

People exploring systems can be your best defense against unknown problems and your greatest way of finding unexpected opportunities. While automation is well adapted for repeating the same thing over and over again, human beings are great at doing things differently. If you're not learning when you're testing, you're doing it wrong!

Doing is not enough! We need to think during our review and examination processes to improve outcomes. How do we design manual exploration to provide value in today's fast-moving development culture?

Coaches attending this workshop experience the full exploratory testing charter lifecycle hands-on. Leave empowered to help traditional testers transition to testing subject matter experts and testing coaches!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Support tester team members as they transition to agile and adopt value-add practices of modern testing.
  • Structuring manual exploratory testing for transparency
  • Charter guidance during test execution
  • Outcomes of exploratory testing
  • Value delivery through debrief of testing session
Claire Moss
Session Format