Cyborg Teams: Training Machines to be Contributors

At Red Hat we’ve done something amazing: We’ve built a “cyborg” team that’s part human and part machine, all working together on an open source project. I’ve got proof, and I’m excited to show you how to pull this off.

Our industry is undergoing a paradigm shift: We used machines as mere tools, which hasn’t resulted in the expected productivity increase. We need to integrate machines into our teams as real contributors, and make them responsible for actual tasks. This allows teams to perform dramatically, achieving what was otherwise impossible.

During the talk you can see bots self-organizing, aggressively testing, finding issues, contributing code changes, pair-programming with humans, making decisions, releasing the software into the ecosystem. The bots work in a completely distributed, organic way.

Let’s look at the three basic ingredients necessary for such a transformation: To a Cyborg Team that incorporates machines as bonafide team members.

Stef Walter
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