DSbuilders - Building the Dark Star

Our teams are not isolated and very often must interact with other teams. If you are working in a large enterprise this is happening on a daily basis. So what is the best protocol/practices/way to create an effective and efficient collaboration culture?
Every framework has its own proposal, but reality proves that you need to find your way and so what’s better than the opportunity to simulate and (safely and quickly) experiment alternatives and verify their effects? But you need a complex scenario to challenge.

Building the Dark Star is probably the most complex project ever built (in future also!): +100 components, inter/intra dependencies and integration requirements, 6 teams and a strong Emperor leading them with the incumbent war against the Rebel Alliance. (if this is reminding you something, you are right).

The game is based on a specific deck of cards I have created to let teams understand the need of collaborating together and is focused on planning and not on building (an extended version can be played with Lego bricks). The mechanic is based on a scenario where the success of a single team (any of the 6) is not hard but led to the failure of the whole program and show how instead "sub-optimisation" can lead to success.

Everything is happening in a changing and challenging narrative that re-creates the situation of the original movies of the saga.
The goal of the game is to build the project in 6 sprints and start conquering the galaxy.

SPOILER: DSbuilders may create addiction. At Play14-London after the 1st session in day one I was asked to facilitate a second one. :-D

Corrado De Sanctis
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