Watch On Demand: Responding to Incidents


For many people, the first day back to work in 2021 was a pretty light day. Why? Because Slack, the chat app used by a huge number of organizations, had a major outage on January 4th. Immediately social media lit up not just with folks wondering what was happening but also folks tweeting with the #hugops, a hashtag that acknowledges the human side of software incidents.

As Agilists, we focus on frequently delivering working software, but in complex technical ecosystems, software and systems can interact in unexpected ways that impact users. In this session, Cat Swetel will be joined by a panel of incident experts.


Courtney Nash, Incident Librarian at Verica

Gregory Vigneaux, Co-founder of the Adapt Institute

Nora Jones, Founder & CEO at

Event Information

deliver:Agile Live!

Date: Thursday, April 22

Time: 9:00AM | 12:00pm ET | 6:00pm CET


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