Full Name
Valentina Navarrete Barbieri
Job Title
Agile Coach y Facilitadora
Speaker Bio
I'm passionate about all topics related to innovation, agility, and the design of new products or services. Innovation and agility present an excellent opportunity for us to discuss ideas and create solutions that have a positive impact on businesses and society as a whole.

My interests also focus on fostering a mindset shift to explore new and improved ways of working within organizations and teams. I have extensive experience supporting teams and specific roles in adopting agile mindsets and practices.

Over the past nine years, I have facilitated co-creation sessions with multidisciplinary work teams from industries such as banking, the public sector, and telecommunications, among others. I have utilized various methodologies such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Service Design, Inception Deck, and Lean Inception, among others, to achieve these goals.
Valentina Navarrete Barbieri